RetDec IDA plugin


RetDec plugin for IDA (Interactive Disassembler).

The plugin is compatible with the IDA 7.5+ versions. The plugin does NOT work with IDA 6.x, IDA 7.0-7.4, or freeware version of IDA 7.0. The plugin comes at both 32-bit and 64-bit address space variants (both are 64-bit binaries). I.e. it works in both ida and ida64. At the moment, it can decompile the following architectures:

  • 32-bit: x86, arm, mips, and powerpc.
  • 64-bit: x86-64, arm64.

Installation and Use

Currently, we officially support only Windows and Linux. It may be possible to build macOS version from the sources, but since we do not own a macOS version of IDA, we cannot create a pre-built package, or continually make sure the macOS build is not broken.

  1. Either download and unpack a pre-built package from the latest release, or build and install the RetDec IDA plugin by yourself (the process is described below).
  2. Follow the user guide (user_guide.pdf) that is part of the downloaded package, or use the current version from this repository.

Build and Installation


Note: These are requirements to build the RetDec IDA plugin, not to run it. See our User Guide for information on plugin installation, configuration, and use.

  • A compiler supporting C++17
    • On Windows, only Microsoft Visual C++ is supported (version >= Visual Studio 2017).
  • CMake (version >= 3.6)
  • IDA SDK (version == 7.5)


  • Clone the repository:
    • git clone
  • Linux:
    • cd retdec-idaplugin
    • mkdir build && cd build
    • cmake .. -DIDA_SDK_DIR=<path>
    • make
    • make install (if IDA_DIR was set, see below)
  • Windows:
    • Open a command prompt (e.g. C:\msys64\msys2_shell.cmd from MSYS2)
    • cd retdec-idaplugin
    • mkdir build && cd build
    • cmake .. -DIDA_SDK_DIR=<path> -G<generator>
    • cmake --build . --config Release -- -m
    • cmake --build . --config Release --target install (if IDA_DIR was set, see below)
    • Alternatively, you can open retdec-idaplugin.sln generated by cmake in Visual Studio IDE.

You must pass the following parameters to cmake:

  • -DIDA_SDK_DIR=</path/to/idasdk> to tell cmake where the IDA SDK directory is located.
  • (Windows only) -G<generator> is -G"Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64" for 64-bit build using Visual Studio 2017. Later versions of Visual Studio may be used. Only 64-bit build is supported.

You can pass the following additional parameters to cmake:

  • -DIDA_DIR=</path/to/ida> to tell cmake where to install the plugin. If specified, installation will copy plugin binaries into IDA_DIR/plugins, and content of scripts/idc directory into IDA_DIR/idc. If not set, installation step does nothing.
  • -DRETDEC_IDAPLUGIN_DOC=ON to enable the user-guide target which generates the user guide document (disabled by default, the target needs to be explicitly invoked).

User Guide

The User Guide in a PDF form is located in doc/user_guide/user_guide.pdf.

You can build your own guide by enabling and invoking the user-guide target:

  • Linux: make user-guide
  • Windows: cmake --build . --config Release --target user-guide
  • Requires LaTeX, LaTeX packages, and related tools.
  • The resulting PDF will overwrite the original user_guide.pdf in doc/user_guide.

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