Delphi PI[Delphi Package Installer] 0.83


选择所在的文件夹都包文件包文件( *.dpk ) 和源代码文件( *.pas ) 所在的目录.
如果目录结构是这样的: SuperLibrary\packages SuperLibrary\source
如果您不想安装的,只是离开它作为*. dpk和取消不适合您的Delphi安装包。
还可以过滤掉不想使用的安装包,在package file pattern中可以把*.dpk改为*d7.dpk,那这样的话就会把d7结尾的包过滤出来其它的包就不会安装了.

Change log


  • Include 10.4 Sydney recognizers
  • New: Conditionals in script file

  • New: Option “Dependant packages”
    When one or more package are selected and this option is checked, all dependent packages are also selected
  • New: Parameter “script:”
    Example: DelphiPI script:debugger.script
  • New: DelphiPIConsole paramter “KEEPDCU”
    Prevents that all DCU, DFM and RES files will be removed before build
    Example: DelphiPiConsole.exe Special.script 1 KEEPDCU


  • Include 10.3 Rio recognizers
  • Fixed: Console script runner showed a message when a package was not found (Dmitry Lamdan)
  • New: Section ‘resource-files’ added to script file. (Dmitry Lamdan) This section enables to define list of resource script files (.rc) The resource files (.res) will be created before compiling the packages


  • Create Win32 BPL and DCP folder when missing (request Dmitry Lamdan)
  • Exclude win64 build process (compiler options) (Issue #6)
  • DelphiPIConsole: All DCU, DFM and RES files will be removed from the output folder before build


  • Include 10.2 Tokyo recognizers
  • Fixed: Virtual TreeView state images assertion error


  • Adding search- and browsing paths didn’t work properly


  • New: Configuration of optional Search and Browsing Paths
  • New: Writing optional Search and Browsing Paths in script file
  • New: Folder selectors for Base, BPL, DCP and DCU folder
  • Added Data.Win in name-space search path
  • Some minor cosmetic adjustments
  • DelphiPIConsole: fixed memory leak and cleanup temporary search paths
  • Hints and warnings resolved


  • Include 10.1 Berlin recognizers
  • Create Win64 BPL and DCP folder when missing
  • Log installation description


  • Relative path support in search path
  • The ability to use a temporary search path by placing a minus sign in front of the path in a script file (This could be useful when units have a circular reference which cannot be avoided)
  • Added VCLTee;XML;DataSnap in name-space search path
  • Some compiler warnings removed
  • DelphiPIConsole: A forgotten TJclConsole output in ConsoleRunner.pas disabled


  • DelphiPIConsole: The colorful TJclConsole output disabled (keeps throwing system error 87)
  • DelphiPIConsole: Stop further processing after a compile failure


  • Compile and install x64 packages
  • Include XE8 and 10 Seattle recognizers
  • Auto load script if script file “DelphiPI.script” exists
  • DelphiPIConsole: Fixed parameters
  • DelphiPIConsole: EOSError: System Error. Code: 87 solved (Microsoft KB830473 command-line limitation)
  • DelphiPIConsole: Added exit-code 1 on fail
  • DelphiPIConsole: Waiting for a key-press removed (Automated build process)



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