Ultimate Delphi CodeBank v1.8.8.0


Ultimate Delphi Codebank (UDC) project was born with aim to be usefull to all delphi developers and help them increase their knowledge. I’m coding for long years and i always try to help new beginners or developers to learn&solve coding, that’s why i have a lot of friends&people around me. I have noticedsome facts about them.

  • Incredibly a lot of developers don’t know Delphi enough. The lack of knowledge push them to search warez stuff around. When somebody asks me about warez component i first ask him “what do you want to do ? explain me your aim for using this component.” Nearly %80 of this questions’s reply were solvable via delphi knowledge. %15 of replys were solvable via opened source comp/projects. The rest %5 were too specific that they can be only solved with special/commercial vcls or comps.
  • Many of delphi coders don’t know english enough. Because of this,they can’t use resources found on the net and they
    can not benefit from already made knowledge banks.
  • There are very good resource built from different countries delphi users, but they are tended to be only for specific
    language. For example there very good source in portuguese, german and in russian language but only their natives can use them.



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