WinRAR 4.00 beta 6 (64bit) Patch

This is the first time , I tried to crack the 64bit  program . Luckily  I succeed ,lol.

Click here to download the Patch file.

Click here to download the install program file.

Download link 2!

After Cracked it  looks like this:

File hash:

文件: H:\CrackL@b\winrar.exe-patch.exe
大小: 845312 字节
修改时间: 2011年2月13日, 20:07:23
MD5: 75EC4C9ABAB5BAE5F81E61F4C5510698
SHA1: B4CAEFC83064D502A67FB230E6CCC7D83F6C4FBC
CRC32: 4F3C1A0D


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