Restorator 2009 4.0 build 1807 Patch


Restorator is a resource editor for Windows. Resources are additional data accompanying a Windows application. Resources are usually part of the application interface. E.g. dialogs, menus, images, text, icons etc. They are usually stored with the executable or dll (see below for other possible Resource Files). Restorator can edit those resource files and thereby change the look and feel or language of an application completely independent of the development and compile tools.

You can edit resources directly in the executable, e.g. by opening an exe file. Main usage:

•For localizing (translating) programs:
Restorator allows to localize entire applications:
You can edit all resources that contain text, and translate them to different languages. Also, with an external image editor, you can translate texts that appear in images.
•As a resource editor:
For developers – manage your .res, .dcr and other files containing resources efficiently with Restorator
•As a skin editor:
Modify the user interface of any Windows 32-bit program and create your own custom applications
Restorator makes it easy to view, extract, and change resources like images, icons, text, menus, dialogs, sounds, animations, and many more. Among the file types understood by Restorator are exe, dll, res (resource files), rc (resource compiler), ocx (Active X), scr (screen saver), dcr (delphi component resource) and many other file types.


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